Meet The Team

In this day and age, with the wonders of technology and the internet, people can work from anywhere. We’re a virtual team, with our own unique skillsets, that are ‘fused’ together to deliver on a variety of projects, depending on our clients’ digital marketing needs.

Mel Carpenter


Mel is a marketing and communications professional with over 20 years of experience across Australia, London and the Middle East. Having worked on both client-side and agency-side, she has managed teams and accounts in various industries, including financial services technology, public policy, education and hospitality. She has a Bachelor of Commerce (in Marketing and Management), and a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Way back when Tim Berners-Lee founded the Internet, Mel’s first job out of university was working for a marketing consultancy who were selling email and website packages to small businesses – this was when people thought the fax was all they needed! Her first experience with developing and designing websites was Microsoft FrontPage, and to get your website visible on Alta Vista (Google didn’t exist then), you hid a stream of keyword text in white at the bottom of the page – of course things have come a long way since then!

Over the years of her marketing career, the company website has always been a large part of Mel’s remit, both from a design and content perspective. Mel has been heavily involved in company rebrands, and with that, new websites, and as a marketing professional with a keen attention to detail, she has a good eye for what looks and works well – and what doesn’t. (This applies to offline stuff too.)

Mel is technically savvy, having worked for most of her career in technology (a big brunt of that being financial services technology). She spent the last few years honing her digital skills through additional study, and over this time she has conducted website audits, created new websites and undertaken SEO projects for a variety of businesses, in addition to working on branding, graphic design and content projects. Mel’s background in PR also means she knows how to write content and position the subject in the most positive light, by finding its USPs and differentiating it from its competitors.

What ‘sparks’ Mel’s fire now? She loves that she can use her experience and passion for digital marketing and design and be a part of turning someone’s dreams into reality.


Web Designer

Manu graduated in computer engineering from the University of Barcelona, but quickly turned his career to designing websites. Born and raised in Barcelona (Spain), he currently resides in Vietnam.

In his 11+ years of experience as a Web & UI/UX Designer, Manu has been fortunate to work with more than 300 clients worldwide, from start-ups to SMEs.

Manu and Mel have been working together since 2017 and he’s the member of the team responsible for designing awesome websites from scratch, that really showcase our clients’ brands.


Graphic Designer

Leanne graduated with a Higher National Diploma in graphic design in 2000. She went straight into a studio working as a designer on some well-known household brands such as Covonia, Black & Decker and Stardrops.

Mel and Leanne have been working together since 2016, and she’s the member of the team that makes all of our clients’ offline (and some online) marketing stuff look amazing.

Leanne loves learning about a client’s ethos and personality, and then turning that into something visual. Creating branding that you can be confident about showing to the world. As well as full brand design she can also use any logo/graphics that you already have and develop a brand styling for you, applying it to all touch points of your business in a consistent way. Consistency is a key element in creating a strong brand image…and also in building the like, know, trust factor that is vital in growing your audience and customer base.

So whether it’s logo design, social media graphics, business cards, leaflets, brochures, download freebies, roller banners, flyers, posters, ads, book covers, packaging design (and much more)… Leanne can create designs that you will be proud to display for you and your business.


Journalist & Writer

Rob was trained as a journalist in the UK at the prestigious Highbury College School of Journalism. He has over 18 years of experience as a journalist and writer and has held positions as deputy news editor and senior business reporter at major newspapers in the UK and the UAE.

Mel and Rob worked closely together at Seven Media (a PR and communications agency in Abu Dhabi) on a number of government clients, with the largest being the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.

Although he’s based in the UK now, when he’s not writing, he’s travelling the world and pursuing his dreams as a photographer and videographer.

Rob’s writing skills are exceptional, and being a journalist, he can get to the bottom of any story or topic. If you need a thought leadership piece or in-depth article written, he’s the man.

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